QC Scooters Team

Alive since 2009, QC Scooters is proud to be Canada's original freestyle scooter team. While the team has evolved over the years, a few things remain the same. At the core, it is a collection of friends who share a passion for scootering and simply want to progress it as much as possible. From filming videos or hosting contests to roadtrips, we have and will continue to do it all. The team also has just about as much fun together off of our scooters as we do on them.

Benjamin Lemieux

Kieron Sheppard

Ethan Kirk

Jeremy Armstrong

Jarod Strub

Jules Pernoux

Benji Zacharias

Josh Goudie

Josh Tapscott

Cole Simon

Léo Bastien

William Harrisson

Charles-Émile Dicaire

Mederic Courchesne

The Homies

The homies are still out there shredding as often as possible and remain a part of the QC familly. You will still catch them at the skatepark, street jams and even in some of our video projects.

Cody Lacroix

Marc-Antoine Sicotte

Clovis Boudreau

Kevin Turgis