Nicknames : The Deputy, Kirkus

Age : 24

Location : NewMarket, ON / Montreal, QC

Sponsors : Qc Scooters, Versus Pro Shop,North Scooters, Trynyty

Years Riding : 13 Years

Riding Style : Not Park, Not Street, Just Scooter Rider

Favorite Scooter Part : Trynyty Titanium Why Bars, ODI Softies

Favorite Video Part : Georgie Louis - Bamboozle Part

Favorite Trick : Ice Picks/5.0

IG : @deputybool

Meet Ethan

The Deputy has been riding for QCS over 8 Years Now.

After going as far as Las Vegas to compete in ISA contests, Ethan became Pro for Trynyty and NorthScooters.

He shows the world what we can do in the streets of Canada by releasing videos that are all crazier than the last. He has also become a staple at all of the big events. Most recently, he took 1st place at The Montreal Street Jam.

Ethan Kirk

In Seattle