Nicknames : JaJa

IG : @JarodStrb

Age : 20

Location : Montreal / Toulon, France 

Years Riding: 7 

Sponsors : Versus Pro Shop, QC Scooters, Triad

Favorite Scooter Part : Triad Felon Bar

Favorite Video Part : Cody Flom - It's Not about Me

Favorite Trick : Double Throw Bar

Meet Jarod

You guessed it, another rider from France who has found his way into our familly. Jarod started off working in the shop but we have had enough sessions with him to know he fits right in.

Jarod has a bit of a park leaning hybrid style that is clean and fun to watch. He continues to evolve his riding and is not scared to hop on a dirt scooter once in a while too!

If you were ever curious about who answers you messages and comments on the Versus or QC instagram and TikTok, it would be him!