Nicknames : Léo

Location : Montreal, QC

Sponsors : QC Scooters,Versus Pro Shop

Years Riding : 9 Years

Riding Style : Versatile

Favorite Scooter Part : Trynyty Deck

Favorite Video Part : Lucas Di Meglio - Echoes

Favorite Trick : Flair

IG : @leo_bastien_ 

Meet Leo

Leo was one of those park rats who came to Taz just about every day for years until suddenly he was going higher and hitting lines no one else was.

2019 intermediate ISA Champion, Leo is the perfect culmination of a determined and dedicated rider putting in the work at the Skatepark and recently in the street as well.

He has evolved from just a park rat into an all around machine. He is among the only riders in Canada who films in the streets and still competes in the park comps.

From Ottawa with Love