Nickname : Clit

Age : 24

Location : Elmvale, ON

Sponsors : QC Scooters, Versus Pro Shop

Years Riding : 9 years

Riding Style : Combo King

Favorite Scooter Part : Anything/Everything from Trynyty

Favorite Video Part : Humidity

Favorite Trick : 360 Barspin Rewind

IG : theclitcommander_69


Meet Josh

The man know almost exclusively as “Clit” has won over our hearts with his pure dedication and unique style. Coming from a small town it can be hard to find people to ride with and this never slowed Josh Down.

Clit rides more than most and finishes just about every sesh with a new trick. The progression is real! Always down for a sesh you can catch him at his local parks, street jams and in the streets.

Josh "TheClitCommander" Tapscott