Nicknames : CloClo, Loverboi ,Chib

Sponsors : QC Scooters,Versus Pro Shop, 

Years Riding : 14 Years

Riding Style : Thrash

Favorite Scooter Part : Trynyty T&T Bar

Favorite Scooter Video : Dream Team Supreme - Matt McKeen or Scoot Scoot Bang Bang - Zig Short

Favorite Trick :  Blunt Slides

Age : 24

Location : Montreal

IG : @professional_douchebag_lol

About Clovis

Clovis started working in the shop at Versus during the early days.

It was apparent very early on he would end up riding for the QC Team as well.

Rider, Cameraman, Film Editor, Photographer, Clovis does what he loves and does it well. He is responsible for the making of all Totals Montreal videos and many from QC Scooters.

QC Scooters

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