Nicknames : Goud, Goudie

Sponsors : QC Scooters, Versus Pro Shop 

Years Riding :  12 

Riding Style : Unique & Proper

Favorite Scooter Part : Tilt Sentry's

Favorite Scooter Video : Satori - Relapse

Favorite Trick : Backside Boardslide 270 Out

Age : 24

Location : Newfoundland

IG : @jgoudz

Meet Josh

In QC Scooters long history, Josh is the first rider from Newfoundland to join the team officially. After meeting him at the Montreal street jam it felt like he was already a part of the familly so we had to make it official.

When you live as far east as Josh does is can be hard to find people with whom and places at which to ride regularly. This has not stopped Josh from shredding for years and developping an absolutely beautiful style to watch.

Josh mixes technical tricks in with a style that is so proper you have to see it in person to truly appreciate it the way you should!