Nicknames : Cody

IG : @codylacroix

Age : 27

Location : Montreal

Sponsors : QcScooters, Trynyty

Favorite Scooter Part : Trynyty Why Bar Titanium

Favorite Video Part : Kevin Austin River Sig Promo

Favorite Trick : FS NoseBlunt

Because every team needs that washed up rider!! Cody has been riding with QC since 2012, working since 2014 and he is also one of the creators of the Montreal brand Trynyty.

Probably catch him with a mic more than a scooter in his hands, but still a real Noseblunt master and has a few good tricks hidden up his sleeves.

Current Set-Up

Grips: Trynyty Grips

Bar: Trynyty Why Bar Titanium

Clamp: Trynyty SCS

Headset: Trynyty Integrated

Fork : Trynyty Trident v1.5

Deck: Aztek Siren 3

Wheels: Trynyty Armadillo 120mm

Griptape: Trynyty Jordan Stanley Promodel

Brake: Trynyty Manta