Nicknames : Marc, Sicotte

IG : @m.t.hell

Age : 24

Location : Montreal,QC

Sponsors : QC Scooters, Versus Pro Shop

Favorite Scooter Part : UrbanArtt Bone Deck

Favorite Video Part : Elliot Arnold Gnarnage

Favorite Trick : 360 Gaps

Meet Marc

One of the Totals Montreal pioneer and the Montreal riding scene in general, Sicotte has fully earned his place on the Qc Scooters team thanks to his constant good vibes and his love for our sport.

Marc also worked as a manager for quite a while in the shop so its possible he has shipped some of your orders in the past!

A Real Fifty-Fifty grind master, no rails will escape him and his reputation travels far. Even the rails he has not yet ridden fear his arrival!

Marc-Antoine Sicotte

Taz Staff Battle