Nicknames : Gerr, Gerrmmy

IG : @gerrmmy

Age : 22

Location : Gatineau/Montreal

Sponsors : QcScooters

Favorite Scooter Part : Native Decks

Favorite Video Part : Reece Jones - Wise Bars

Favorite Trick : 50-50 Combos

Recently moved to Montreal, Jeremy has been riding with us for a long time and started working with us recently, no doubt he joined the QC Team.

Absolute Try Harder, he can ride the same rail during hours and hours until he gets his clean clip … even if it means losing a shin for it.

Current Set-Up

Grips: North Essential Grips

Bar: Proto Retro Lite 

Clamp: Trynyty SCS

Headset: Proto Integratron

Fork : North Amber 30mm

Deck: Native Refined 6X23

Wheels: North X Trynyty 115X30

Griptape: QcScooters X Versus Jeremy Armstrong sig 

Brake: Trynyty Spoiler