Wise Alta - Scooter Deck

$57.00 $136.00

Wise Alta Freestyle Scooter Deck

Affordable and perfectly balanced for both park and street. 

Weldings between neck and headtube provides extra rigidity compared to a forged deck so headtube angle won't move during the deck's life.

Compatible with 12 standard. What's the 12 Standard?


Weight: 1.53 kg / 3.37 lbs

Length: 560mm / 22"

Width: 125mm / 4.9"


Headtube / neck: Fully forged HT and neck

HT Angle: 83.5°


End of deck type: Angle

Material: 6061-T6 aluminium

Brake: Steel



Wheel diameter 

100mm: Yes

110mm: Yes

120mm: Yes

125mm: Yes

Wheel Width 

24mm: Yes.

28mm: No

30mm: No

12STD: Yes. Comes with spacers. Need axle.