What is this?

The 12 STANDARD or 12STD is made to replace the classic wheel / axle / bearing combo of 8mm for a stronger 12mm. The idea came from wanting bigger wheels. Bigger wheels mean bigger side impact, which the 8mm bearings would have a hard time taking on the long run. So bigger bearings and axles were needed.
The French brand Ethic DTC is behind that design and multiple other brands have join the fun: Trynyty from Quebec, Wise, Native, BlackPearl, UrbanArtt, AO Scooters, (I might miss some sorry)

Pros / cons


. Improved handling. It feels amazing while curving.
. Improved speed as the wheels tends to be bigger.
. Improved bearing strength


. It is heavier
. Bigger might not be what you're looking for
. Limited choices of components



The 12STD decks will come with adapters to fit normal 24mm wheels, sometime with 30mm to, so that you can switch your set-up as you like!


The 12STD forks will come with adapters to fit normal 24mm wheels. Some of them will even come with spacers to fit all sizes of wheels! (Shout out to Trynyty for that). That means that you’re not stock with your 12STD choice for ever.


At the time of this article, only Ethic and Black Pearl are doing 12STD wheels. It is a limited choice, but those are solid brand will products that will last and ride exceptionally great!


You will see female axles on the 12STD because of weight issue. If you go with a classic full axle with a nut, it will weigh as much as a park scooter… So be careful to choose the right size of axle for your set-up.