Are you looking for the perfect complete scooter? Look no further! We've done the research and compared the top options from all manufacturers. After careful consideration, it's clear that Envy scooters come out on top with the most complete line-up out there. Let's take a closer look at that impressive line-up.

Envy Ones S3: Perfect for Younger Kids

If you have younger kids who are just starting out in the freestyle scooter world, the Envy Ones S3 is the ideal choice. Priced at just $200, this scooter is designed with young riders in mind. It's slightly smaller than other scooters in its range, making it easier for kids to handle.

The Envy One S3 is perfect for the younger riders experiencing with freestyle scootering

The Envy Ones S3 features an integrated headset and 110mm wheels, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, it boasts stylish 2-tone colorways with assorting swirl grips, adding a touch of personality to your child's scooter.

Envy Colt S5: A Prodigy S7 at a Lower Price

If you're looking for a high-quality scooter at a more affordable price, the Envy Colt S5 is the perfect option. Priced at $220, this scooter offers the same features as the Prodigy S7 but with a dropped price.

Envy Colt S5 the best entry level freestyle scooter that's built good enough for professionals.

The Envy Colt S5 is equipped with 4130 chromoly bars for superior strength and a light and strong aluminum fork. Its fast and reliable 110mm Diamond wheels ensure a smooth ride. Plus, the unique Colt drawing at the bottom of the deck adds a cool and distinctive touch.

Envy Prodigy S9: The Worldwide Best Seller

When it comes to freestyle scooters, the Envy Prodigy S9 is the undisputed champion. Priced at $270, this scooter has earned its reputation as the best seller worldwide.

The Envy Prodigy S9 Park complete is the undisputed #1 sold freestyle scooter worldwide

The Envy Prodigy S9 features 120mm GAP wheels, providing excellent stability and control. With 9 unique colorways to choose from, you can find a scooter that matches your style perfectly. The unique neck design and renowned Reaper V2 aluminum bars make this scooter stand out from the crowd. And If you're more into street riding and grinds, you can't go wrong with the Prodigy S9 Street with its larger built, it's 4130 chromoly T-bar and its deck plugs to make it a boxed deck ready to grind.

The Envy Prodigy S9 Park complete is the undisputed #1 sold freestyle scooter worldwide

Envy KOS S7: 3 Models To Suit You

The Envy KOS S7 are the top of the line models from Envy and they come in 3 different models to choose from. Every parts on those scooters were chosen from top Envy after market products and we did a full review on those HERE for you to check it out!

Envy KOS S7 complete scooters come in 3 different types to suit your style

To Conclude,

Envy scooters offer a range of options to suit riders of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade, Envy has you covered. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every scooter they produce.

So, if you're in the market for a complete scooter, look no further than Envy. With their impressive line-up, you can't go wrong. Get ready to take your freestyle scooter skills to the next level!

Gabriel Vinet