Why settle for an ordinary scooter when you can ride in style with your kids?

When it comes to freestyle «parental scooters», you want something that can handle the abuse of everyday use while still providing a smooth and comfortable ride because you don't plan on doing backflips (usually). Whether you're cruising around the neighborhood or exploring the skatepark, finding the perfect scooter is essential. Let's dive in and discover the best options out there.

Size Matters: Taller and Bigger for the Ultimate Confort

When choosing a parental scooter, consider going for a taller option with a bigger deck. Taller scooters often come with a higher price tag, however, the added height provides a more comfortable riding experience, making it worth the investment. One excellent choice is the Fuzion Z350 Street scooter, offering both durability and a taller design good for a 5pi10 and under at an affordable price.

The Fuzion Z350 Boxed is tall enough for an adult to ride comfortably

Bigger Wheels for a Smoother Ride

Comfort is key when cruising with your kids, and bigger wheels can make all the difference. Look for scooters with bigger wheels (diameter and width), as they absorb bumps and cracks in the pavement, providing a smoother ride. The UrbanArtt Bone scooter is a fantastic option with its bigger 115x30mm wheels, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both you and your little ones.

The Urbanartt Bone complete is made from the ground up to be a full street scooter ridable by pros straight out of the box

Unleash the Adventure with a Dirt Scooter

If you're looking for the biggest and most comfortable wheels out there, a dirt scooter is the way to go. Designed for off-road adventures, dirt scooters feature rugged tires that can handle any terrain. The Triad Shape Shifter is a top-notch dirt scooter that will allow you to explore new paths and create unforgettable memories with your kids.

The Triad Shape Shifter is the ultimate ride for an adult that want to follow his children in the skatepark, or even the trails!

Custom Scooters: Tailored to Your Needs

While pre-built scooters are readily available, you can also opt for a custom scooter to meet your specific requirements. Custom scooters offer a personalized touch, allowing you to choose the features that matter most to you, like bigger bars and wheels. Although they may come with a higher price tag, you might find something nice and discounted in our custom scooter section that has pre-built customs, like THAT ONE with the biggest possible urethane wheels

With our unparalleled expertise, we'll build your custom dream scooter!

To Conclude,  

why settle for an ordinary scooter when you can cruise in style with your kids? Choose a parental scooter that can handle the abuse, provides a comfortable ride, and adds a touch of adventure to your family outings. Whether you go for a bit taller scooter like the Fuzion Z350 Street, a scooter with bigger wheels like the UrbanArtt Bone, or even a dirt scooter like the Triad Shape Shifter, the options are endless. And if you're feeling extra fancy, consider a custom scooter tailored to your needs. Get ready to hit the streets and create unforgettable memories with your little ones!

Gabriel Vinet