Are you ready to take your scootering game to the next level? Look no further than the C127 scooter completes by Triad Scooters. These scooters aren't just unique, they're a masterpiece of design, a collaboration between scootering legends Brendon Smith for the C127 Deranged and Billy Watts for the C127 Arcane. If you're an intermediate to advanced rider looking to push your limits, this premium scooter is your ticket to a whole new level of performance.

A Scooter Born from Legends

Triad Scooters understands that greatness comes from collaboration. That's why they enlisted the expertise and aspiration of scootering legends Brendon Smith and Billy Watts to create the C127 Deranged and C127 Arcane. These scooters are more than just products, they're a testament to the passion and dedication of the scooter community.

Precision Craftsmanship

Every component of the C127 scooter complete has been carefully selected and designed to offer you the ultimate riding experience. With Oath Components products, the Triad Conspiracy IHC fork, and the all-new Psychic v2 deck, this scooter is engineered for performance and durability.
The bar on the complete is the infamous Triad Extortion V2, measuring 22" wide and 25" tall (560mm x 635mm), providing superior control and comfort. Paired with the stunning Psychic V2 deck, sized at 5" by 20.5" (127mm x 520mm) and adorned with an exclusive hand-drawn graphic, you'll not only ride like a pro but look like one too.

Built for Progress

Triad Scooters knows that scootering is about pushing boundaries. The C127 has been meticulously designed and tested by professional riders to create the perfect setup for taking your riding to new heights. Every part of this scooter is crafted with precision and purpose.

Lightweight and Ready to Fly

The C127 is as lightweight as it is powerful, weighing in at just 3.46kg/7.6 lbs. This means you can effortlessly perform tricks, jumps, and stunts with ease. It's a scooter that's as nimble as your skills.

The Ultimate Choice

When it comes to scooter completes, the C127 stands out as the best of the best. If you're seeking top-tier performance, unmatched style, and a scooter that's been crafted with passion and expertise, this is the complete for you.


Triad Scooters C127 scooter completes are more than just scooters, they're a statement of excellence. Born from the minds of legends, engineered for precision and performance, and designed for riders who aspire to greatness. Elevate your riding experience and redefine your limits with the C127.
So, if you're ready to join the ranks of those who dare to be great in the world of scootering, the C127 is your ride. Don't settle for ordinary; choose extraordinary with Triad Scooters. Your journey to becoming a legend starts here.
Jarod Strub