Stance as been leading the way in high end socks for a while now and they wanted to show the world that they could even do more, that they could provide a product even better, a product that could last forever! And if it doesn't, they'll send a new pair. 

That's their commitment with INFIKNIT technology, guaranteed for life. 

Check out out to file a claim with Stance here!

How can they achieve that? 

They utilize a specialized air jet process to boost the texture of the fiber, and then blend with a selection of premium yarns to substantially increase resistance to rips and tears.

NEVER RIPS. NEVER TEARS. FOREVER.  Disruption lies in our DNA. Stance remains committed to the ideals of progression. Recognizing the possibilities in making something new, something better, and now... something forever. Welcome to Infiknit.  BUILT FOR GOOD, GUARANTEED FOR LIFE.

*(full copyright to Stance)


If your INFIKNIT socks rips, tears, or develops a hole, Stance will send you a new pair.

Note that not the entire socks are made with INFIKNIT technology. For the casual socks, it's the toe and heal section. For the performance socks, it's the full toe cap, forefoot and heal. 


Be careful that you see the INFIKNIT logo / silver banner at the top of the packaging when buying your Stance socks. Not all Stance socks are INFIKNIT and if you want the lifetime warranty, that's what you need to aim for.  

To Conclude,

Yes Stance INFIKNIT socks might be more expensive than your usual big department store ones, but all the plus you'll get with those need to be consider. 

- Following the test in the video, the INFIKNIT socks would last 26x longer then the average socks. And it's still going on their wear-machine... Would be more!

- That means less buying on long term which save money AND is eco-friendly. 

- Plus you'll always have an awesome look.

Gabriel Vinet