We're going simple on that post, basic even, with the Trynyty Basic Alu Pegs

Pretty much everyone that come to get a set of pegs at the shop are leaving with those and we wanted to explain to THE INTERNET why's that and why you should grab a pair of those ESPECIALLY when you order online!

Easy fit!

We've installed so many pegs at the shop over the years that we know exactly what a customer would want and need to installed everything properly at home. It's not that complicated, but for some reason, not a lot of manufacturers are doing it the proper way.
Let's check out some key points: 

1. To have the best fit and finish, you'll want to put the treaded part of the M8 axle and the nut inside the peg. This will let the allen head visible with no extra axle popping out. The extra axle length will be hidden in the peg. 

2.  To do that, you need the hole of the peg to be big enough to fit the head of a ratchet. If not, it will be a pain to try to squeeze the nut with a flat head screwdriver inside the peg.  

3. Axle length! All scooters have different geometries and will need different M8 axle lengths. At the shop, we'll be able to fit anything and switch the provided axles for the best fit because we have all the length in stock, but at home it's a bit harder to do. The Trynyty Basic Pegs are provided with 3 different lengths to best fit your needs! 


The Trynyty Basic Alu pegs are made light and more importantly, they're easy to install and will fit most scooters because of the 3 provided axles. 


Gabriel Vinet