Root Industries revealed the Xtension deck straight on April Fool's day this year, so naturally some of us (lots of us) were thinking it was a joke. Cool idea! But why would you do that? Who would want to change deck sizes? Is it really useful?

Let's be honest, I doubt anyone I know would change their deck width mid session and if they would like to try a different size of deck that they're used to, it would be one of those big 7in wide bad boys out there.

So where does the Xtension deck stands then?


The Epiphany

Root Industries Xtension Freestyle scooter deck. Innovative ajustable width by rail system.

We've learn one bit of information afterward that made us think further: the deck DOES COME with the 3 sizes of rails right out of the box. No need for extra purchases. So it got us thinking.
We went back in time. Back to riding a Razor scooter. Back when we were wondering what it would feel to have a larger deck. Back to when we were trying all our friends scooter at the skatepark wondering how their deck would feel on our set-ups. Back to buying 4 decks a year even though the old ones were still good, just to see the differences.
And BAM! We had our answer just there. Our opinion of the Root Industries Xtension deck went from «well...» to «it's genius». 

In our opinion that deck, although being a pro deck with all the best to offer, is perfect for all the beginners to intermediate riders in need of finding their liking in a freestyle scooter set-up. Also, to a certain extend, it could grow with the rider! 


Let's think about it for a second: 
You're not sure of your new deck. Should you go park at 4.75"? But even if you like light park set-ups, you started practicing downrail and you felt a larger deck would be the way to go.
You would love the 6" wide to grind that's for sure, but what about your tailwhips? Will they be affected?
You don't want to take chances, so you aim in the middle with a hybrid deck. Something not to big nor small, not to light nor heavy. But is it really what's good for you? 

Root Industries Xtension freestyle scooter deck with variable width system

That's were the Xtension deck comes in! You don't have to change your set-up to try 4.75", 5.5" and 6" decks. You just need a couple of minutes to switch the included rails and you're good to go! 

Not changing the whole deck also means you'll still be 100% confortable with your set-up because except the width, nothing else changes. Same griptape feel. Same (ish) weight distribution. Same headtube angle.
For the first time ever will you be able to truly test for your preferences and THAT'S the beauty of the Xtension deck. 


As for it's construction, they went with a simple, yet proven squared extrusion neck welded to the headtube where both have cut-outs for weight saving. 

Root Industries Xtension freestyle scooter deck with variable width system Honeycore cut-outs pattern. Forged neck

Root Industries now famous Honeycore pattern cut-outs first appeared on a deck with the Matty Ceravolo and Clayton Lindley Invictus limited editions. Since then, they applied it to the Invictus 2 completes with a added full bottom cut-out and thats what you'll get on the Xtension deck for a better weight distribution / weight saving. Speaking of weight, this deck will be in between 1.72kg and 2.04kg depending on the length and width chosen. 

They went with a squared deck for more versatility. The decks comes with 3 different perfectly shaped drop-outs for the 3 sizes of Xtension rails. They're made strong to last long so that you can keep trying different sizes without thinking about blowing out the thing on a wild icepick.

Root Industries Xtension freestyle scooter deck with variable width system boxed type with deck-ends for all sizes

It can fit up to 120mm wheels on both 24mm and 30mm width. It comes stock with a nylon/steel flex brake but the direct access to the bolt holes at the bottom of the deck makes it supper easy to put a good fender (check out the Trynyty fenders). 


If you're new to the game and are hesitant on the width you you grab, the Root Industries Xtension deck would be perfect for you! Even though it's a bit expensive at 249.95$, it's worth the price since you could save on the purchases of 3 decks with just that single one. And it's still a top of the line deck, so you'll get a great feeling and will last for a while. The biggest downfall would be to cut all the honeycore cut-outs when putting a new griptape ;) 

Till next time.

Gabriel Vinet