This might be obvious to some, but we've seen things... We've seen oh SO MUCH non-sense with SCS compression systems that we decided to write about it.

Let's start with the basics.

The graphic below was used multiple times already, but since mistakes keeps being made, we'll push it again!

Graphic explaining the concept of the SCS Compression system for freestyle scooters.

To have the strongest set-up with your SCS, you'll want the fork tube and the bars to be as close together as possible. If there's to much of a gap, it will create stress in that area and weaken your set-up. 


If you have a slit on your bars, you'll need an SCS plug to make it fit. If you don't nullify that slit, your bars will keep pulling out.

Graphic that explain the need of an SCS plug for freestyle scooter bars that have a slit to make it work with the SCS compression system.

The other option is to cut that slit, but you'll loose some height on your bars. Be sure to calculate correctly with the SCS clamp if doig so. 


When tightening your SCS clamp, you'll want to tight bolts by bolts, little by little, repeatedly till it's fully tightened. This will prevent stripping and will maintain an equal tension to all 4 bolts. Just to be sure you understand, we made this graphic... 

How to properly tight your SCS compression system clamp for freestyle scooters.

The Stretching Trick

What to do when your bar is stuck in your SCS or that you can't even put it in because it's too tight? You stretch it! 

Un-screw one second bolt starting from the top of your SCS clamp. Next, screw it on the other side of the clamp where the treads are. Use a flat piece of metal to put in the middle of the clamp and screw on it. It will now stretch the clamp and your problems will all be solve! (in the graphic we used a 2$ coin, note that if you do that you might ruin it)

Stretching Trick for SCS Compression system for freestyle scooters.


We hope that this post will be read and spread so that we'll stop seing weird and dangerous SCS set-ups at the shop! 

Although we don't mind fixing your scooters when you come to visit us ;)

Gabriel Vinet