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The Long Awaited Return

After what feels like forever, but in reality was about 2 years thanks to the pandemic, our Scooter Jams have officially restarted and it feels really good to be back. Since there had been such a long time since our last event, we decided to return with not just one BUT TWO JAMS.

Spin Skatepark Brossard Scooter Jam 2

The First Ever Scooter Event at Spin Skatepark 

To kick off our Spring Double Header, we had a ride night at Spins Skatepark. Spin is know for being very skate heavy and not the most accepting of scooters and as a consequence, there had never been a scooter event there in the past. On April 22nd we changed that. Over 60 riders pulled up from all over Quebec and Ontario to throw down in some spot battles and their chance to win some amazing prizes. The level of riding was absolutely insane from the young shredders all the way to some local pros. We had riders from local crews including Totals Montreal (TTS Crew) and Dialed MTL on top of riders from shop teams like Versus Pro Shop/QC Scooters, Nomads, Parallel Supply and Metrikx. To top it off, Pro Riders for Trynyty and North Scooters made their presence felt from the start with some insane riding. 

Spin Skatepark Brossard Scooter Jam 3

The night started off downstairs in the halfpipe section for a warm up followed by a heavy bowl session. Some riders had trouble navigating the bowl while others like Cameron McRobbie and Ben Lemieux showed that with enough speed and commitment anything is possible.

After a short break we headed upstairs for some more spot battles. We saw tricks ranging from flip drop ins to fakie backlips on the handrails. All the riders went super hard all night and it is safe to say Spin Skatepark had never been destroyed this hard by scooter riders. 

Spin Skatepark Brossard Scooter Jam 4

When all was said and done everyone had won something and the vibes were all time. Charles Émile Dicaire earned himself a Tilt Deck on top of the other parts he had already won himself. Miki Menard won himself a Trynyty Titanium Why bar for all his front and backflip madness. However, there could only be 1 King of Spin that night and after destroying every single spot, Cameron McRobbie took home this win and some well deserved Cash Money. 

Spin Skatepark Brossard Scooter Jam 2022 5

Check out the recap below to see the madness that unfolded


The Return To Le Taz

Le Taz Versus QC Scooters Jam 2022 1

For years and years we have been lucky enough to put on events at Le Taz Skatepark in Montreal which is of course where our Montreal shop is located. Le Taz Provides a perfect hub for holding events that cater to riders of all levels. 

On April 23rd we held our first Jam back there in almost 2 years for Round 2 of our Spring Double Header. As usual, everyone came out to play. We had roughly 100 riders total including all of the big name riders and crews that were at Spin the night before.

Le Taz Versus QC Scooters Jam 2022 2

We got things started with a warm up in the Roulodome and after about an hour or so, we decided to kick things off earlier than planned. It all started with a long jump contest for our beginners and intermediates and a high jump contest for the beginners too! We followed it up with a few spot battles in the roulodome once again for the beginners and intermediates. 

Following the spot battles it was time to unveil our big surprise. With the return of Jams, we wanted to do MORE and so, we got a Van and loaded it with everything we need to have a mobile shop and of course be able to do outdoor Jams all summer long!

Le Taz Versus QC Scooters Jam 2022 3

Once the Skatepark was closed to the public and the excitement from the van had settled, we headed over to the big section and it was time for the Experts to have a go. We saw some incredible high flying moves in the boxjump section from locals and out of towners too. 

Le Taz Versus QC Scooters Jam 2022 3

After a solid box jump section we alternated spots between beginners intermediats and experts until the end of the night. To wrap things up as usual, we hit the big street section and the infamous monster rail. We had some first timers send it and a bunch of new learns all around. The experts closed out the show with some wild stuff both tech and gnar. 

Le Taz Versus QC Scooters Jam 2022 4

Before ending the night with the Premiere of PST, a project by Totals Montreal, we announced that Toronto area shredder Kieron Sheppard was the newest rider on the Versus Pro Shop and QC Scooters Team. The decision had been made a while back, but after he obliterated every spot at the jam, we figured it was the perfect time to announce it.

Le Taz Versus QC Scooters Jam 2022 5

Here is the video Recap for our return to Le Taz 


Thank you to all of our sponsors 

Of course huge shout out to all of our sponsors for making these events possible. Without them there are no jams! 

Triad - Above - Chubby Wheels - Aztek - Envy - Antics - Ethic DTC - Havoc Pro Scooters - Fasen - Native - North - River Wheel Co - Proto - UrbanArtt - Trynyty - Invert - Cortex - Striker - Oath Components 

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