Our boy Josh Tapscott (AKA Clit), has come out with an absolute banger of a video after a few years of filming. The entire project is filmed in the streets and is now available on the Ohlay Brand Youtube! Shout out to our friends over at Ohlay for that one! 

We thought now would be a great time to catch up with Clit to talk about his experiences while filming the video. 


Photo Above - Cameron McRobbiie

Yo Clit, how are things going? 

Things are going pretty good,still cant ride much because of the snow and all the indoors in my area have closed thanks to Covid so I am pretty stoked for the snow to be gone.

Fair enough, how long exactly did you work on your part for? 

Good question, I would say about 2 years give or take. It was pretty on and off. It went from filming for fun to filming more serious. Last year, I really started to take it more serious and trying to step up my riding. The banger was also hard to get because I was almost never satisfied with anything. 

Any big trick battles / tricks you did not end up getting?

Yes, this greasy rail in Barrie I wanted to get a clip on. I have been a few times and it has almost taken my life more than once. Its a 2 stair flat to a 8 stair down with a small kink on the end. I got so close one time and ended up jumping off. I don't even know why! I have been close quite a few times.

Its hard too because it goes into traffic so you need to time it and every try is a mission. Ill be back tho!

Photo Above - Cameron McRobbie

Whats next for ya? 

Good question. I don't really know actually. I do want to work on something new and keep filming of course. 

When will we see you in Montreal next?  

As soon as possible. Hopefully there will be a Jam or something up that way soon. 

Any thanks or shoutouts before we let ya go?

Shout out to Ohlay for not only posting my video but getting back to me right away even tho I lost my old IG account. Of course thank you to Versus QC and Trynyty as well.

Oh damn, that's right you did lose your old account. What happened there?

I had like 4500 followers or so and I built it up over time. I ended up logging out by accident one day. When I went to log back in, it said my password was not working but I know it was the right one. When I contacted them, they said wait 24hrs. So I waited and then 24hrs later when I tried to login again, instead of saying I had the incorrect password it said i had violated the terms of use and my account had been suspended. I don't know if its from music copyright or riding a few parks while they were closed for Covid. Still trying to get it back but I started a new one for now. @theclitcommander_69 

Dang, hopefully that works out man! Thanks for taking the time and great work on the video! 

Thanks man! Cheers 

 If you havent already, Check out Clits video below


Cody Lacroix