Our friends over at Antics Pro Scooters have officially launched their new product line including their first aftermarket products including the Gallery. This deck leans more towards a park style of riding but also features new innovative manufacturing techniques which we are excited to explore. They were kind enough to send us one to review so lets jump in 


The Gallery comes in at 5 wide by 20.5 or 19.5 inches long. This makes it ideal for a park or hybrid style of riding. The shape of the bottom of the deck does remain grind friendly which is always fun to see. 

We received the 20.5 version which weighs in at 3lbs 12oz or 1.7 KG. While this might not make it the lightest deck on the market, the features we will go over make it one of the stronger and more innovative decks we have seen in a while.

With a nice variety of colors and graphic design, it is offered in black, teal, red and orange.

The deck comes with spacers to run both 24mm and 30mm wheels. A must in 2022. It also features removable deck plugs that allow you to ride fully squared at the back OR the curved back option. The brake is simple yet effective with a nice low profile, good shape and just enough stiffness. The blunt plate is not welded but a nice nylon plug which looks good and will save some weight.

The real fun in this deck tho, is where the neck meets the deck plate! 

Antics Gallery Deck Black 

The extrusion is the first of its kind. By combining the neck and base (deck) plate into a single extrusion, they have found a way to simply remove more material and eliminate the need for a weld in this position. Since many park decks have a tendency to break at this point, the result is a super strong deck that looks really really clean. 

While there is still a weld connecting the neck to the head tube, we feel that since decks rarely break at this spot, the innovative design still has tons of merit. 

The Verdict 

It is super difficult to come up with something that has not been done AND helps to improve performance in the scooter world. After seeing some of the names (including our own Leo Bastien) who have been testing these decks we are confident in the design. 

If you are a weight weenie, maybe not for you. If you want something SOLID, well balanced, aesthetically pleasing, innovative and at a fair price point, this should be your next park deck.  

Check it out here - Antics Gallery Deck


Cody Lacroix