Antics Gallery - Scooter Deck



Antics Gallery - Scooter Deck

Coming in at 5.0” wide, and featuring two lengths, 20.5” and 19.5”, The Gallery deck boasts some revolutionary features, including a one piece extrusion ranging from the headtube to the deckplate, allowing the rails to run all the way from the deck to the middle supports. The game changing design perfectly distributes force, and without adding any extra material, keeping the deck super light for whatever ‘new learn’ riders want to conquer next. While retaining strength, and a super light presence, we also wanted to make sure riders were equipped with more than enough footroom. The 5” width allows both more experienced park riders, and young guns looking to ‘step it up’, adequate foot space for whatever trick comes next. The Gallery, wouldn't be the Gallery without a killer aesthetic design either, That’s why we topped the deck with a beautiful translucent paint job, ranging in multiple colours from black, teal, orange and red as well as our favourite: the “Gallery graphic”, a beautiful design, sure to turn heads that’s featured on every single colourway. We couldn’t be happier with the Gallery and we’re confident it is bound to take the scooter world to new heights.



Weight:  kg -  lbs /  kg -  lbs

Length: 495mm - 19.5" / 520mm - 20.5"

Width: 127mm - 5"

Footspace: mm - "

Headtube / neck: Unique 1 piece extrusion neck to deck plate. Welded HT

HT Angle

Concave: Yes

End of deck type: Boxed with plastic deck-ends

Material: Aluminium

Brake: Steel

Other: Nylon front plate.



100mm: Yes

110mm: Yes

120mm: Yes

125mm: No


24mm: Yes

28mm: No

30mm: Yes. Spacers provided

12STD: No