Getting more and more popular in the scooter world because of their affordability, light weight and good strength, the butted bars are still a mystery for most of the riders out there. We decided to demystify those for you today. 

What's a butted tube?

Butted steel bars are using butted steel tubes. A butted steel tube is one where the outside diameter will not change but the thickness of the wall will vary. That is to minimize the material in the area where there's less stress to maximize the weight to strength ratio.

Butted tube

Simple, double and triple butted

Most of the manufacturers in the scooter industries will simply say that the bar is butted without specifying how many times. Still, let's explain the differences. Simple butted tubes will have 2 wall thickness at both ends. Double butted will have 2 different wall thickness but both ends will have the same thickness. Triple butted will have 3 different wall thickness. 

Weight differences examples

All bars here are oversized T-bars, 28"x24"

. Triad Riot butted oversized steel bar 2.14 lbs 

. Triad Riot oversized titanium bar 1.76 lbs

. Trynyty T&T steel bar 2.89 lbs

Note that the weight of butted bars tends to vary more than normal steel bars because the tubes can have different wall thicknesses from one to another. So some butted bars might still be heavier than the one mentioned here. 

Check out all the available butted steel bars here!

Hope that our little blog helped you understand the mysteries of the butted bars.


Gabriel Vinet