Wise T-Bar Reece Jones - Scooter Bars


Wise T-Bar Reece Jones Freestyle Scooter Bars

Wise modified their T-Bar for Reece Jones signature model. Now at a standard diameter and with a Reece Jones welded logo on the main tube, everyone will still know that you're shredding a Wise quality product!


Weight: 1.26 kg / 2.78 lbs

Height: 720mm / 28.4"

Width: 610mm / 24"

Material: 4130 Chromoly steel

Diameter: 31.8mm Standard

Butted: No

Slit: No

Backsweep: No


IHC: Yes. Need a slit. Needs a standard clamp or oversized with standard shim


SCS: Yes. Need a standard SCS clamp or oversized with a standard shim

ICS: Yes. Need a slit. Need a ICS starnut. Not recommended on steel bar.

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