Wise Fivercity 125mm (SINGLE) - Scooter Wheel

$23.00 $27.00

Larger wheels are becoming more and more popular. 120mm is becoming common in the states because more brands are putting them on completes. Before there was 120mm there was 125. The Forkast fork is 125mm compatible and these bad boys roll super fast and or smooth. Please be aware if your scooter can fit 125mm

From the Brand: "125mm wheels is part of the new trend to cruise faster around bowls but also to get longer deck and pegs. Special care shall be given while choosing 125mm wheels regarding deck and fork."

  • Sold Individually 
  • Bearings not included
  • 125 mm wheel
  • Weight: 260gr
  • PU 88A
  • Aluminium 6061
  • Colors:Black / Raw