UrbanArtt Civic SCS - Scooter Clamp


UrbanArtt Civic SCS - Scooter Clamp

It might look familiar, with the origins of the new Civic SCS clamp inspired from the previous Cyro and Primo clamps, but this baby, in time, will create its own identity and forge its own reputation as a rock solid, modern reliable clamp that won’t let you down.

Why is it better? With a higher clamping capability and a lighter, fluted interior, this perfectly machined clamp is sure to provide a smoother ride. Plus, the integrated top cap adds a sleek touch to your scooter.


Weight: 239g - 0.55lbs
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium
Diameter: Oversized 34.9mm - Standard 31.8mm shim included
Height: 90mm - 3.5" (Raw 84mm - 3.31")
Bolts: M8