Urbanartt Civic 125x30mm - Scooter Wheels


Urbanartt Civic 8STD And 12STD 125x30mm Freestyle Scooter Wheels

The urbanArtt Civic wheel has been designed to handle high impacts and lateral stress. The thicker PU offers a softer feel on those big drops but still provides a good balance of speed and durability. It has a wider contact patch than many other wheels with the same width which will give you greater control and grip. We have kept the weight down by a full CNC two piece hollow core technology rather than traditional extrusion.

The 125mm x 30mm Civic is the first ever wheel made to accommodate both 8STD and 12STD bearings! It comes with both and with the use of a specially designed spacer, you be able to switch them whenever you want. 


Weight: 330g (per wheel)
Diameter: 125mm
PU Width: 30mm
Core Width: 30mm
PU Hardness: A Grade 88A Super High rebound
Bearings: UA Lateral bearings 8STD / 12STD (both coming with the wheels) 
Core Material: 6061 T6 Aluminium