Tutty Fruity Custom Scooter

$499.95 $787.50

Tutty Fruity Custom Freestyle Scooter

Freshness as a scooter and it's that one. Big, strong, flashy, everything you'll need to show off at your local street spots. From the North Scooters Horizon deck to the River Rapids 115x30mm, this scooter screams STREET. We also added little off innovations with the Triad TUC fork and Felon butted bars to save weight where you can. 


Total Weight: 4.63kg - 10.21 lbs
Total Height: 1016mm - 40”
Grips: Triad Conspiracy grips with Alu bar end rings
Bars: Triad Felon butted steel 
Bars Height: 711mm / 28"
Bars Width: 610mm / 24"
Clamp: Trynyty Simple SCS blue
Headset: Wise integrated orange
Fork: Triad Conspiracy TUC purple
Deck: North Scooters Horizon Tutty2X Signature
Deck Length: 560mm / 22"
Deck Width: 157mm / 6.2"
Brake: North Steel Mini Brake
Griptape: IceCreamProject Clear 
Wheels: River Rapids Sunfire 115x30mm