TSI Paramount VX - Scoter Deck


The VX is the next evolution for the treasured Paramount. 

The VX features our new stronger neck extrusion by adding .0625” to the width and .625" to the length of the ridges, to provide 25% more area for welds. The slight curve in the neck will also distribute the force of impact evenly throughout the deck. 

The community keeps telling us that the Paramount is the best feeling deck they've ever stepped on, and now it is even stronger.
  • 5" Wide Extrusion
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Heat Treated to T6 Condition
  • 82.5 Degree Headtube Angle
  • Integrated Headtube
  • .1" Concave, 24" Radius
  • Integrated Wheel Spacers
  • Includes Axle, Flex Fender, Deck Savers and Hardware