Trynyty Trident Fork 1.5 - Scooter Fork

$84.95 $94.95

Trynyty Trident Fork 1.5 Freestyle Scooter Fork

The Trident V1.5 is a solid versatile fork that will fit any 24mm wide wheels, any 30mm wide wheels with 12 standard bearings AND any 30mm wide wheels with 8mm bearings. Basically, if it rolls it fits. The lightweight durable 7075 Alu makes this fork perfect for street or park and it comes ready to ride either SCS or HIC.  30 - 24 mm conversion spacers included. 


Weight: 365g - 0.8lbs
Compression: HIC / SCS
Wheel Size: 125mm max
Wheel Width: 24mm / 30mm
12 Standard Compatible: Yes
Material: 7075 aluminium
Offset: Yes
Forktube Length: 152mm - 6"