Trynyty Titanium T-Bars Trans Black - Scooter Bars


Trynyty Titanium T-Bars Trans Black Freestyle Scooter Bars

The Trynyty Titanium T-Bars are crafted from grade 9 Titanium.  They come oversized without a slit so you can throw them right into an SCS or add a slit to fit with HIC.  A weight weenies wet dream, these bars are as light as possible without resulting in too much flex. 


Weight: 0.9 kg / 1.99 lbs

Height: 711mm / 28"

Width: 610mm / 24"

Material: Grade 9 Titanium

Diameter: 34.9mm Oversized

Butted: No

Slit: No

Backsweep: No


IHC: No. Except if you have an HIC conversion shim on your IHC fork

HIC: Yes. Need a slit. Need an oversized clamp. 

SCS: Yes. Need an oversized SCS


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