Trynyty Spoiler - Scooter Fender

$14.95 $29.95

Trynyty Spoiler Freestyle Scooter Fender

At Trynyty, we believe that Foot Fenders will be a big part of the future of scootering. Our minimalist approach to design has generated Foot Fenders that are lightweight, strong and easy to ride so that you can seamlessly switch to a brakeless set up.

The Trynyty Spoiler is the first Foot Fender we’ve created. Our Spoilers each come with a sleek anodized aluminum design with an engraved logo, so you know it’s real. This part will bring a refreshing look to your deck, while preventing you from screwing up that line you’ve been working on for weeks because you keep accidentally hitting that damn brake!

And the best part? They are compatible with more decks than ANY other Foot Fender on the market! Get your Spoiler game on.