Triad Shape Shifter Raw Black Red - Dirt Scooter


Triad Shape Shifter Raw Black Red Dirt Scooter

As the name suggest the Triad Shape Shifter can seamlessly from the streets to a traditional skate park or do dirt jumps like no other scooter on the market today. 

This project has been almost 2 years in the making and we are proud to have designed the Shape Shifter to be a hybrid scooter that will perform to the highest of levels on the dirt jumps as well being a total blast on the streets or at your local skatepark. 

No shortcuts has been taken in the design process, the rubberized grip will keep your feet planted whilst riding the dirt and the specifically design tire pattern will provide stability and control when taking sharp turns but also maintain a smooth ride when riding on concrete or wood. 

General Specs

Grips: Triad Conspiracy 155mm with alloy cap bar ends
Bars: Triad Riot butted chromoly  
Clamp: Triad Conspiracy SCS with integrated top cap
Headset: Integrated. Seamless look with the clamp
Fork: Triad forged steel fork
Deck: Triad Psychic V2 dirt edition
Brake: Triad steel flex brake
Griptape: Triad rubberized griptape
Hub: Triad Shape Shifter CNC alu
Tires: Shape Shifter 7.7" x 2" / 100PSI max

5.5"x20.5" Specs

Total Weight: 4.96kg / 10.93lbs
Total Height: mm / "
Bars Height: 560mm / 22”
Bars Width: 540mm / 21.2"
Deck Length: 520mm / 20.5”
Deck Width: 140mm / 5.5”

6"x23" Specs

Total Weight: kg / lbs
Total Height: mm / "
Bars Height: 635mm / 25”
Bars Width: 610mm / 24"
Deck Length: 585mm / 23”
Deck Width: 152mm / 6”