Triad Extortion Aluminium - Scooter Bar


Triad Extortion Aluminium Freestyle Scooter Bar

Leading in design, this bar is ultra light and extremely strong! We have designed this bar to fit the ever changing market to combine strength and lightweight feel.

The approach to the design of the Extortion bar was taken with great care due to the demand for the most durable Aluminium bar on the market. Made out of the strongest 7003 T5 Aluminium and having the vigorous forged gussets to match, we implore you to try this bar, it’ll be the last aluminium bar you’ll ride. The unique forged neck is made to spread the load distribution.


Weight: 900g - 1.98 lbs
Height: 675mm - 26.5"
Width: 585mm - 23"
Material: 7 series aluminium for superior strenght
Diameter: 34.9mm Oversized
Butted: No
Slit: Yes
Backsweep: No


IHC: Yes
SCS: Yes. Need an SCS plug or to cut the bar over the slit. Need a oversized SCS Clamp
ICS: Yes. Needs a starnut.
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