The Grish - Custom Scooter

$689.95 $786.65

The Grish - Custom Scooter

Unleash your inner rebel with The Grish - the ultimate street scooter! Its Tilt Deck and 30" wide wheels give you the edge you need for epic tricks. Plus, with a sleek grey and black color combo and SCS compression system, it's ready to be shredded in style. Get ready to rule the streets!


Total Weight: 4.40kg / 9.7lbs
Total Height: 991mm / 39”
Grips: Triad Conspiracy
Bars: Trynyty T&T
Bars Height: 711mm / 28”
Bars Width: 610mm / 24"
Clamp: Triad Conspiracy SCS
Headset: Ethic DTC
Fork: Drone Majesty 3.0
Deck: Tilt Method Gunmetal
Deck Length: 565mm / 22.2"
Deck Width: 157mm / 6.2"
Deck Footspace: 394mm / 15.5"
Griptape: QC Scooters Throwback Logo
Wheels: Root Industries Lotus 120x30mm