The Droned - Custom Scooter

$679.95 $796.65

The Droned - Custom Scooter

Zoom through the streets with The Droned - Custom Scooter! This sleek scooter features a red & black color combo, 6.5" by 23" street deck, and light but strong frame. Plus, its 30mm wide wheels provide a smooth and stable ride. Get ready to turn heads!


Total Weight: 4.10kg / 9.01lbs
Total Height: 953mm / 37.5”
Grips: Ethic DTC
Bars: Ethic DTC Pandora Butted
Bars Height: 670mm / 26.4”
Bars Width: 580mm / 22.8"
Clamp: Triad Conspiracy SCS
Headset: QC Scooters Integrated
Fork: Triad TUC
Deck: Drone Nexus 1
Deck Length: 584mm / 23"
Deck Width: 165mm / 6.5"
Deck Footspace: 438mm / 17.25"
Griptape: QC Scooters Throwback Logo Not On picture
Wheels: Urbanartt Civic 115x30mm (24mm core)