The Buttery Ethic - Custom Scooter

$399.95 $698.00

The Buttery Ethic  - Custom Scooter

As usual, Jarod and Cody could not decide what parts to use for this custom. They settled by taking turns picking one piece each until the scooter was done. The Result is a scooter that is a sweet compact street machine. Half Jarod, half Cody AKA Jarody!


Total Weight: 4.05kg - 8.81lbs
Total Height: 910mm - 36”
Grips: Ethic DTC Grips
Bars: Trynyty T&T Oversized T-bar Trans Red
Bars Height: 670mm - 26.5”
Bars Width: 565mm - 22.2"
Clamp: Triad Conspiracy 2 Bolts Black
Headset: Ethic DTC Integrated
Fork: Ethic Legion V2 HIC
Deck: UrbanArtt Butter
Deck Length: 584mm - 23"
Deck Width: 140mm - 5.5"
Deck Footspace: 457mm - 18"
Griptape: Ethic Griptape
Wheels: Envy Hollow Core 120 mm