Root Industries Invictus V2 IHC - Scooter Fork


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Root Industries Invictus V2 IHC Scooter Fork

Continuing on their ever-progressing journey to innovate and evolve within the world of freestyle scootering, Root Industries has taken the industry by storm once again. Introducing the all-new and massively-improved Invictus v2 professional scooter forks.

Boasting a number of highly sought after features, the Invictus v2 fork is difficult to match when it comes to weight reduction, visual appeal, and strength - as well as affordability. Retaining a similar ultra-lightweight design as the first iteration of the Invictus fork, but taking it even further with additional weight being shaved off, as well as maintaining strength and durability, the Invictus v2 IHC pro scooter fork is sure to amaze any rider who equips this awesome product onto their setup.

The Invictus v2 fork is a marvel of scootering technology that feels great, looks great, and rides like a dream!


Weight: 280g - 0.62lbs

Compression: IHC

Wheel Size: 120mm max

Wheel Width: 24mm / 30mm

Material: 6061 T6 aluminium

Offset: 10mm

Forktube Length: 160mm - 6.25"