Dead Gambler Will Scott Custom - Complete Scooter


Dead Gambler Will Scott Freestyle Scooter Complete

For that custom scooter, we just swapped the deck of the Erawan V2 complete with a Envy AOS V2 Will Scott edition to make a badass looking scooter that, if built parts by parts, would cost over 600$! 

You'll just need to tell us in the comment section the model of Triad clear cast  Transparent) griptape to put on there and we're good to go!


Total Weight: 3.30kg/7,27525lbs
Total Height: 86,36/ 34''
Grips: Ethic DTC Slim Rubber Grips
Bars: Ethic DTC Dryade V2 aluminum 
Bars Height: 620mm / 24.4”
Bars Width: 560mm / 22"
Clamp: Ethic DTC Valkyria 2 Bolts aluminium oversized. With 6mm hollow bolts
Headset: Ethic DTC Integrated
Fork: Ethic DTC Legion V2 IHC 
Deck: Envy AOS V5 Will Scott

Length: 520mm / 20.5"
Width: 125mm / 4.9"
Deck Footspace: 360mm / 14.17"
Griptape: Triad clear cast griptape of your choice.
Wheels: Ethic DTC Incube V2 110mm x 24mm, 88a