Real Ishod Pro Bold Series 8.38 - Skateboard Deck


Real Ishod Pro Bold Series 8.38 Skateboard Deck

The Bold Series earlier this year was an instant team favorite so we decided to do some custom ones for Ishod, Tanner ans Mason - each with their own design and unique raised ink patterns. The results looked rad. We hope you like them to! 

8.38" x 32.25" 

14.5" wheelbase 

Raised ink chainlink pattern with pearlescent white overspray over faded veneer. 

Stronger lasting pop guaranteed

Guaranteed to last R1 Construction decks are made using an exclusive technique producing stronger, longer lasting, better performing skateboard decks. True universal press molds use equal pressure across the entire surface of each deck ensuring a centered, consistently even, lasting concave. Two X-Bands make each deck stiff and strong, but also allows just enough flex for maximum pop and response.