QC Scooters Titanium - Scooter Bars


QC Scooters Titanium - Scooter Bars

Experience the ultimate in lightness and style with QC Scooters Titanium Bars! Our signature engraved logo and that slightly U shape adds a unique touch to this exceptional set of bars, which come in three different sizes and comes pre-slitted for an easier installation. Feel the quality and enjoy the ride!


Weight:  0.75kg -  1.65lbs / 0.8kg - 1.75lbs / 0.9kg -  1.95lbs
Height: 620mm - 24.4" / 670mm - 26.4" / 720mm - 28.4"
Width: 580mm - 22.8" / 580mm - 22.8" / 610mm - 24"
Material: Titanium
Diameter: 34.9mm Oversized
Butted: No
Slit: Yes. 1in with stress hole. 
Backsweep: No

Technical Specs

  • The 1in slit is made to be smaller than the clamps to increase the strength of the bar at is weakest place. If your fork wiggles to much inside the bars upon installation without tightening the clamp, we suggest enlarging the slit to the length of the clamp to have better clamping.
  • The 3 different sizes and the slit are made for you to put the bars on and shred as soon as you receive them! But they can be cut to any sizes and slit length as any Ti bars would. 
  • The U shape of the cross bar helps distribute the impacts upon the tube, which makes for a stronger connection by decreasing the stress on that sensitive spot. 


IHC: No. Except if you have an HIC conversion shim on your IHC fork
HIC: Yes. Need an oversized clamp. 
SCS: Yes. Need an oversized SCS plug
To learn more about scooter bars and compatibility, check out our guide!