Proto Baby SCS Clamp


A sized down version of the SCS䋢, the Baby SCS䋢 offers the simple compression that itäó»s bigger brother has, but in a smaller, sleeker, lighter package. The Baby SCS䋢 only works with standard sized bars (1 1/4" OD). WILL NOT FIT OVERSIZED BARS CHECK YOUR BARS BEFORE ORDERING*Œæ

PLEASE NOTE: Since the Baby SCS is only 3 inches tall (a full inch shorter than the normal SCS) there is only 1.5 inches of space in the clamp for your fork which means in some cases it will be required to trim your fork down by roughly 0.5 inches to avoid interference with the internal compression cap. If you are not currently using an SCS and are ready to convert you will need to trim 1.5 inches off of your bars as well to maintain your same bar height. If you are already using a full size SCS and want to switch to the smaller version, your bars will be roughly 0.5 inches shorter. Also, due to the overall smaller dimensions, only 1-1/4 inch bars are compatible with this system which also means there is no shim included. Instead of trimming your fork, you can also purchase some headset spacers in the accessories section of this website.ξ

BABY SCS Includes:ξ

Baby SCS Clampξ
1-1/4" Compression Cap
1-1/8" Star Nut
5 x hardware bolts (4/clamp & 1/compression)ξ
Bolts: 6mmξ
Inner Diameter: 1 1/4"ξ
Height: 3"ξ
Weight: 8.5oz