Prime Banshee Black - Scooter Deck


Prime Banshee Black Street Scooter Deck 

The Prime Banshee scooter deck is a strong, reliable choice. It's 6.3" wide and built with top-of-the-line quality to withstand any tricks and stunts. Improved maneuverability and durability make this an ideal choice for experienced and beginner scooter riders alike!


Weight: 2.2kg - 4.4lbs
Length: 570mm - 22.4" / 590mm - 23.2"
Width: 160mm - 6.3"
Headtube / neck: Forged Neck welded to plate
HT Angle: 83.5°
Concave: Yes
End of deck type: Boxed with aluminium deck-ends
Material: 6061-T6 aluminium
Brake: Nylon ajustable
Others: P logo on the neck


Wheel diameter 

100mm: Yes
110mm: Yes
120mm: Yes
125mm: Yes. But wont work in the front with 15mm offset forks

Wheel Width 

24mm: Yes. Spacers and axle provided
28mm: No
30mm: No
12STD: Yes. Spacers and axle provided