PARKmobil - Custom Scooter

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PARKmobil - Custom Scooter

Oups we did it again. We chose the best parts to build the TOP park scooter out there. Starting with the lightest bars and grips, the Ethic DTC coupled with the ODI F1 grips. Following with the lightest park deck, the Pandemonium and using a combo of Oath Shadow fork and Triad Conspiracy clamp with an integrated top cap to maximize the length of the fork going in the bars for a stronger set-up! And Honeycore wheels. Obviously. 


Total Weight: 2.78kg - 6.13lbs
Total Height: 838mm - 33”
Grips: ODI F1 Series Vapor
Bars: Ethic DTC Dryade V2
Bars Height: 620mm - 24.4”
Bars Width: 560mm - 22"
Clamp: Triad Conspiracy with integrated top cap
Headset: Trynyty Integrated (without top cap)
Fork: Oath Shadow IHC
Deck: Ethic DTC Pandemonium
Deck Length: 495mm -  19.5"
Deck Width: 120mm - 4.7"
Deck Footspace: 324mm - 12.75"
Griptape: Triad Brain Clear cast
Wheels: Root Industries Honeycore 110x24mm