North Scooters LH G2 HIC / SCS - Scooter Fork

$89.95 $119.95

North Scooters LH G2 HIC / SCS Freestyle Scooter Fork

All new in the North Scooters lineup, the North LH Fork has a unique but simple design that draws inspiration from BMX forks, the LH Fork has material in all the right places, allowing it to maintain a low profile well remaining strong and durable. The fork is machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, features an integrated crown race as well as an integrated thread which removes the need for a star nut. To top it all off we also included an M8 axle system and 6mm M8 compression bolt with a CNC washer, ensuring your scooter will stay tight and remain dialed. 

The LH 24mm serves as our fork for use with classic 24mm wide wheels. 

The LH Fork is available in 4 new colorsMatte Black, Matte Silver, Canary Yellow and Ice Blue.


Weight: 391g - 0.86lbs
Compression: HIC / SCS
Wheel Size: 120mm max
Wheel Width: 24mm
Material: 6061 T6 aluminium
Offset: Yes
Forktube Length: 152mm - 6"