North Scooters Contact 115x30mm Gum PU (PAIR) - Scooter Wheels


The North Contact Wheel is our 30mm wide Radix style wheel. It features a full CNC machined Aluminum core with a unique spoked design. These stylish cores paired with an 88a high rebound urethanemake for a scooter wheel that is both lightweight and durable. The 30mm wide size helps with balance and creates a wheel that is both faster and longer lasting. This wheel does come with our all new Abec 9 North Bearings pre-installed.

We offer Lifetime Warranty against chunking and de-hubbing on all our wheels.


Size: 115mm x 30mm



88a High Rebound Urethane

6061 Aluminum Core

North Abec 9 Blackout Bearings pre-installed

Unique Core Profile for increased durability

Perfect Core/Urethane ratio for the best feel