Neo Snowwhite - Custom Scooter

$449.95 $686.00

Neo Snowwhite Custom Scooter

We often find that all scooters are alike, but this one has quite the unite style. Mixing white and neo-chrome is rare to see but oh so beautiful. That scooter is park ready and made to take the abuse. 


Total Weight: 3.55kg - 7.8lbs
Total Height: 889mm - 35”
Grips: Drone Soft grips
Bars: Drone Shadow Oversized Steel
Bars Height: 640mm - 25.5”  
Bars Width: 530mm - 21".  
Clamp: Oath Cage V2 Neo Chrome 
Headset: Trynyty integrated 
Fork: Drone AEON white
Deck: Ethic Erawan 
Deck Length: 500mm - 19.7"
Deck Width: 114mm - 4.5"
Deck Footspace: 324mm - 12.75"
Griptape: Triad logo clear cast
Wheels: Root Industries Honeycore 110x24mm