Native Flemongo 2 - Scooter Fork


The Flemongo II is NATIVE Pro Rider Nathan “Flemongo” Fleming’s Signature Fork.
If you think you’ve seen this fork before you’re definitely right! In July 2016 Nathan received this Signature Fork under the company name Lifeboat which was soon re-branded as NATIVE.
The difference between the Versa and the Flemongo II other than the beautiful majestic Flamingo graphic is that the Flemongo II is slim and sleek (like Nathan) and only fits standard 24mm wide wheels.
Another unique feature about the Flemongo II is the integrated Hex-Lock that holds the nut in place for simplistic 1 tool tightening.
Support companies that support riders. Support Nathan by purchasing his Signature NATIVE Flemongo II Fork.


Specifications of the NATIVE Scooters Flemongo II Fork:
Wheel compatibillity: Up to 125mm diameter. Up to 24mm width.
Compression: HIC or SCS
Offset: 10mm
Steer tube length: 163mm
Mafunfacturing process: Forged
Weight: 287grams / 260 without axle