MGP Bamf Titanium Carbon Wrap - Scooter Bars


MFX BAMF Titanium Scooter Bars are made from genuine Grade 9 Titanium. They are the lightest and most durable scooter bars MFX and MGP have ever produced.
The MFX BAMF Ti Bars are made for oversized compression systems and measure 26" high and 26" wide. Despite being the biggest scooter bars produced by MGP, the MFX Titanium Scooter Bars weigh only 830g. That's 70g lighter than the RWilly Bars and Aero Bars!
Available in either matt black, raw or carbon wrap. The understated finishes of the MFX BAMF Titanium Scooter Bars are sure to get you noticed.


  • Dimensions: 26" Wide by 26" High
  • Weight: 830g
  • Finish: Available in Matt Black, Raw and Carbon Wrap
  • Compression: SCS ready (no slit)
  • Can be modified for HIC and Mini HIC by cutting a slit into the bars


  • Construction: 100% Grade 9 Titanium